How to Make Cats Obey Rules And Select The Best Cat Litter Box

As a long-time cat lover, but first-time cat owner, some things actually surprise me. Keeping cat is not as easy as it seem. Although cats are independent creatures that are capable to live by themselves, bringing them inside our homes is a different story. Cats live by their own rules. My first challenge is how to make cats obey the rules inside the house, such as where to urinate and defecate.

Basic knowledge

As a cat lover, I’ve always known that cats are into cleanliness. We often see them licking their paws and their whole body as bathing routine. Cats have very sensitive noses. Besides making sure we fill the box with the proper litter, we must also make sure that the litter boxes are always clean.

According to which helps select the best cat litter box, it is important to have enough boxes for the cats. A simple rule is to have number of boxes than the cats. I adopted two cats, so I bought three litter boxes.

There are many kinds of boxes that you can choose for your cats. Since I know that cats are sensitive to smell, I buy the ones with no hoods. Covered boxes block the air circulation so the odors cant go out. If the boxes smell too bad, the cat may try to find cleaner locations to defecate.


What Cats Think About Litter Boxes

Before you order one of those cute litter boxes like you see, you need to know what your cats might think about those boxes. It is impossible to ask your cats about their favorite kinds of boxes. However, we can try to understand how cats perceive litter boxes.

Miniature of natural bathroom

In the wild, a cat would bury their poo in the sand or dirt. Litter boxes imitate this natural habitat. However, one of the common mistakes of cat owners is forgetting that cats need these boxes to stay clean. It is impossible to stay or feel clean if the boxes are too small or too dirty. Therefore, it is not the cats fault when they look for cleaner places when we fail to provide the clean bathrooms that they need.

Perfumed litter box is a big no

Litter boxes which can release artificial fragrances are good for our noses, but not for the cats. Even though it helps reduce the bad odor in the room, cats find the scent uninteresting. Besides, these fragrances blocks a cats natural smell so they may doubt if the litter box is theirs.

Remember, even though it’s entirely up to you to buy the box of your choice, always think about what your cats may feel about it. Happy shopping!

Clean, But Not Too Clean Selecting Clumping cat litter

Each time somebody asked me for an advice about their cat litter, I always told the person one thing: cats are not people. Sometimes we forget the fact. We treat our cats like they are babies, but they are not. We must clean their litter boxes every day, but how we clean it affects the comfort of the boxes for cats.

Stay away from chemicals

Many best-selling cats litter boxes. These boxes are very easy to clean. You don’t need to use bleach or other cleaning chemicals to ensure the hygiene. Cats don’t like the scent. If you insist on doing this, they may try to find other places to have a pee.

Chemicals can also be in cat litter you can find more info on it here.

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